1. Go to the Kickstarter campaign page.
  2. Click the “Back this project” button (green).
  3. Select ONE reward you’d like to receive.
  4. “Shipping Destination/Cost” and “Total Pledge Amount” will be shown.
  5. Click the “Continue” button (green).
  6. If you have a Kickstarter account, log in (on the right).  Otherwise, enter your email address and select the “Continue as guest” button (green) on the left.
  7. Enter credit card details and click the “Pledge” green button. Note: Your credit card will NOT be charged immediately.
    • If the project is successfully funded, your card will be charged at the end of the campaign period.
    • If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged.
  8. Check your mailbox. You should receive a pledge confirmation email.
  9. Once the campaign is successful, I will send out a backer survey to ask for your delivery address.

If you have more questions about backing a project, please check here.


  1. 點擊這裡到眾籌頁。
  2. 點擊“支持此項目”(Back this project,青色按鈕)。
  3. 選擇一種回報(reward)。
  4. 系統將顯示“運送目的地/費用”(Shipping Destination/Cost)及總金額(Total Pledge Amount)。
  5. 點擊“繼續”(Continue,青色按鈕)。
  6. 若您已經有Kickstarter戶口,請登錄,否則請輸入您的電郵地址,并選擇“以客人身份繼續”(Continue as guest)。
  7. 輸入信用卡資料,點擊“同意”(Pledge,青色按鈕)。一旦眾籌成功,系統才會征收款項。
  8. 請查看電子郵箱,裡頭會有一封確定郵件。
  9. 眾籌成功之後,我會發出一個“支持者問卷”,跟支持者要您們的地址,以發送回報。



Click the “Back This Project” button | 点击”Back This Project”按钮


You will come to this page to select a pledge | 您将会被带到这里选择你想要的回报


Choose ONE reward | 选择一个你要的回报
You will be shown the total amount inclusive of shipping | 您将看到包括邮费的总数
You can increase your support amount by keying in a higher figure | 若想增加支持数额,可以自行输入,然后点击“Continue”按钮
There is no significant difference between “Continue as guest”, “Log in” and “Log in with Facebook”. Just choose either one | 任何选择(Continue as guest, Log in或Log in with Facebook)都不是问题。随意选其一。
Enter your credit/debit card details, click on the “Pledge” button | 输入您的信用卡资料(debit卡也行),然后点击“Pledge”按钮
You are done. Please check your mailbox | 完成!请查看电子邮箱。
You should receive a Kickstarter email like this | 您应该收到Kickstarter给您发的电邮